Why You Should Buy Wide Collar Shirts?

If you have a large neck, you need to be careful in selecting the wide collar shirt that works for you. Stylish wide collar shirts are great for the winter because they will keep you warm. You won't have to worry about your neck getting cold and having to wear an extra scarf if you're out in the snow all day. 

How to choose the best wide collar shirt for your body shape

Wide collar shirts are perfect for people with long necks. However, finding the right one for your body shape can be difficult. Be sure to keep in mind your natural measurements when shopping for a shirt of this type. 

Your neck should fall at or below your shoulder, but not too tight on your throat. A good shirt that fits this criterion will ensure that you don't get a neck ache after wearing it all day.

For starters, make sure that the shirt fits well and doesn't scrunch up in places. Ensure that the shirt is made of a natural fabric like cotton or linen. If it's synthetic, then it will feel uncomfortable against your neck. Finally, make sure you don't wear any accessories with a wide collar like a scarf or tie. This can create more tension on your neck and prevent you from getting the full range of motion.

The most common reason people will wear a wider collar shirt is to avoid looking like a nerd. Before buying shirt, you also need to be careful about how you tie your bowtie as well as how long you leave it hanging in order to avoid sores and acne around your neck.