A Guide To Video Interviews – Tips For Success

Video interviewing is the practice of conducting an employment interview over the Internet through video communication software such as Skype or FaceTime. Video interviews are of two types, one way video interview and one video call. For a one-way interview, the employer gives the candidates a series of questions and you record a video of your interview and send it for later review.

In the video call type interview, you answer the video call when the interviewer calls and talks to the person on the video. Conversations take place in real time, as opposed to unilateral interviews; You can see them and they can see you. Video interviews are becoming a common new trend among employers in the construction, engineering and environmental industries.

It is very cost and time efficient, and can be used anywhere in the world. Employers need to know everything they want to know, without all the travel and hassle of the interview process. Interviews in this way can be very different from face-to-face meetings held in the construction, engineering and environmental industries in the past. Instead of talking to someone in person, you will be talking to someone through a computer screen.

Talking face to face on a computer screen may seem a bit awkward, but learning how you can prepare yourself can be a big help. Learn about the company you are interviewing for. Know what the company does, what they stand for, and what they look for in an employee. You will stand out as an interviewer if you have taken the time to get to know the company and can make sure that you are the employee they are looking for.

As the internet bridges the gap between nations, video interviewing is becoming a much more common practice in the construction, engineering, and environmental industries. Applying for jobs across the world is now possible with video calling. It eliminates the need for travel and saves time for both parties. It has its pros and cons, but overall is a very useful and reliable option for construction, engineering, and environmental professionals.