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Qi Based Wireless Chargers – How Far Can Technology Go?

In terms of laser technology is concerned the idea of using it to charge wirelessly for purposes is relatively new. It was just a theory previously, and there was any evidence of how it is working in a real-world manner (until today).

As opposed to a wireless charger based on Qi which requires an immediate distance from the device charging an infrared charger can charge its battery in a room that is far away. That is, you'd be able to simply place your phone on the table, and let the charger start charging it at the press of a button. You can also buy products like qi charging desk these days for better efficiency.

However, it's important to remember that, as revolutionary as this technology may appear however, we're a way from having the technology fully integrated in future-generation smartphones. The primary issue in this case is the unique nature of infrared beams, and how they can negatively impact household gadgets.

In the beginning, the system uses a narrow, invisible beam that comes via a laser source that sends the charge to the receiver, which can be anywhere from one or 5 meters away. The distance can be higher than 5 meters in the case of a simple link, yet it's not likely that the charge that is transferred would be very solid.

This unique system makes use of an extremely small power cell that can be incorporated in almost every device that can fit it, and which is charged by the power of the laser. In addition, this unique system is also equipped with several safety features to eliminate any issues which could arise from the use of near-infrared beams.