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Bridging The Gap between Stay-at-Home Moms And Working Moms

The time is now to declare a truce in"the so-called "mommy battles."Everywhere you go, there are stories about hurt emotions and prejudices between stay-at-home moms and working mothers. You can visit  theempoweredmom.com/change-life-today-50-empowering-words for more information about empowering words to describe a woman to use in any article.

 empowering words to describe a woman

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You have a few ways to heal the mommy battles. The first step is to determine that it's time to join forces. The time women put into trying to judge each other is wasting time that can be better utilized instead of working together to achieve the same objectives.

One mom could stay in her home as her employer did not accept her request for part-time employment and another woman has to go back to work due to having found a job share. Women can afford to stay home and take care of their children but others cannot. 

Here are strategies that will help you remain in the best shape of your life. They will also make it easier to transition back into the workforce after a break:

Maintain and create networks. Maintain contact with former colleagues within your professional profile and build relationships with every group you are a part of.

Update marketable skills. Learn classes and think about returning to school part-time in order to earn an education or certificate which will allow you to further your career.