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Choosing the Best Meat Dicer

When purchasing food dicers, it's important to take into consideration exactly what you intend to slice, as different dicers have different capabilities for slicing meats, cheeses, and vegetables. While entry-level, lighter-duty dicers offer a significantly lower price tag than larger heavier-duty models, they will quickly burn out if consistently pushed beyond their capacity.

They are usually designed to handle much if any, slicing of cheese. Generally, heavier duty meat dicers also incorporate more usability and safety features. Depending on how much you use your deli dicer, you could make up the cost difference very quickly in increased productivity and safety, between a higher-end model and a less expensive option.

Entry Level Dicers

Entry-level meat dicers are best suited for operations where the dicer would be used for an hour or two at most per day. While designed for simple, safe operation, they are not recommended for slicing cheese and do not offer as many safety or convenience features as higher-end models.

Mid-Tier Dicers

Mid-tier dicers generally have larger blades, a bit more horsepower, and can withstand more constant use than an entry-level model. While some models can handle the occasional slicing of cheese, they are primarily intended for a few hours of vegetable or deli meat slicing per day. They usually offer a few more safety and convenience features than an entry-level model too.

Premium Dicers

Premium slicers represent the top-of-the-line offerings from each of the commercial meat slicer brands. Most are designed for heavy-duty, constant use, and can slice cheese as well. These models offer design features that enhance the smoothness of operation, slice precision, and safe operation.