Seniors Must Demand the Quality of Care they Need

It seems that the elderly in our society are in a state of smuggling about the health care system. Nearly three-quarters of the respondents stated that their doctor never inquired about the medications they were taking. Additionally, only 30% of doctors inquired about the likelihood of falling. 

This means that they are ignoring the most common source of injuries for older people. As a result of these findings, seniors must into the spotlight and be more vigilant when they visit their primary care physicians. You should always get in touch with the primary care doctors that provide reliable and genuine primary care services.  You can hop over to this site – to contact good primary care doctors online.

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The first rule of every doctor visit is to keep a record of every medication that you're taking along with the dose. Include any nutritional supplements or other over-the-counter medications you're taking also. It's also worth writing down the questions you'd like to ask. 

Be sure that your primary care physician is aware of all other physicians you see as well as any medication prescriptions from other medical professionals. Your health plan needs to be managed by someone else, and your primary care physician is the ideal person to handle the task.