Awareness About Breast Biopsy

It is a myth that breast biopsy is a screening test for breast cancer. Doctors online have clearly mentioned that breast biopsy is an examination done to detect any kind of disorder and not only breast cancer.

You can find a guide to excisional breast biopsy online. It is a procedure where sample cells or tissues are taken from the suspicious areas and checked under a microscope. A biopsy could be done for any part of the body. The breast biopsy procedure includes the same technique. 

This procedure can be invasive or non-invasive i.e. surgical or non-surgical, but the objective is to collect sample tissues from the suspicious lump or the whole lump is taken out, which is known as lumpectomy.

Surgical biopsy requires incision on the skin while non-surgical procedures include techniques like vacuum assisted biopsy, breast needle biopsy or fine needle aspiration biopsy. A breast biopsy is mostly done clinically or in a hospital, based on the size of the growth to be inspected. 

Breast biopsies are done to rule out the possibility of cancer or confirm its stage, metastasis on other organs and association of many lymph nodes which can speed up the spread of cancer cells. The core needle and fine needle aspiration biopsy use needles to collect tissues but the type of needle differs.