Weapons Accessories As Smaller Items of Tactical Gear

Weapons accessories are regularly used pieces of tactical gear. When a weapon is prepared for battle, observation, or even hunting, it is equipped with several accessories. This may be a weapon light or a scope, a rail mount, grips, slings, or holsters. A gun magazine is also classified as a weapons accessory, and a soldier will carry several for a firearm.

Battle belt holster, one of the more common weapons accessories, are designed to restrict movement when a handgun is being carried and give the user an option to draw it at any minute. Some are designed with the MultiCam pattern, and most need only one hand use and attach to a belt or clothing. For the latter, MOLLE attachments allow a holster to stay on a vest.

Gun magazines for rifles and other large firearms are required in tactical environments. A magazine stores ammunition for later use and feeds the ammunition once loaded into the gun into a position where they’re moved into a chamber. Although referred to as a clip on occasion, a gun magazine for a repeating firearm has a fixed or detachable design.

A rail mount allows a shooter to attach such weapons accessories as lights and sights to his firearm. Lights and sights are two pieces of tactical gear used for observation, shooting, finding a target, and illuminating an area. A rail mount allows either of these devices to be in the view of the shooter and for him to activate the device easily. As these two pieces of gear can vary in size, the rail mounts also vary to accommodate several sizes of scopes and lights.