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Different Railway Track Maintenance Equipment

The replacement of railroad connections requires the removal of the spikes. The rail has to be lifted, and then the ties removed and replaced. The entire process must be done swiftly so that the train schedules aren't disrupted.

Spike Puller

Railroad tracks are joined by large spikes that bind railroad tracks with each tie. The spike stops any part of the track from moving too fast and creates a risk for trains. You can also hire experienced railroad contractors near you via TRAC for railway track maintenance. 

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The first step in the maintenance process for railways of ways workers is to remove them. The spikes are massive and heavy. They are also well secured to the tracks, ensuring that they stay together. 

Instead, they utilize the large spike puller to do the job. The machine is able to move across the tracks at a steady pace and then pulls the spikes away one at a time. Then, the rails are released and ties so that every piece of track is able to be repaired or replaced.

Tie Remover or Inserter and Tie Crane

After the spikes have been taken away, tie-making is following. Another machine known as an inserter or tie-remover is able to roll through the tracks to complete the task.

To keep this from happening, the machines only pull off every third tie. They make use of large mechanical arms to hold the edges of the tie and then lift it off under the rails.

Rail Lifter and Spike Driver

The only thing that remains to do is replace the spikes. However, to do that workers will need to change the spike plate between the ties as well as the rails first.

That means the rails have to be lifted off the ties in order to accommodate the employees. This is accomplished by using a hydraulic rail lifting device.