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Common Plumbing Issues For Household Toilets

When it comes to the household plumbing issues that affect your toilet, there are just a handful of issues that make up the majority of them. 

The good news is that most are not too serious and can be addressed by the homeowner or business owner. While it's necessary to consult an expert plumber for larger jobs. You can also contact expert plumbers via cooperplumbinghouston.com/services/plumbing-repairs.

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The following list covers some of the most fundamental problems, including the causes and ways to address them:

1. Continuous tumbling of water in Toilet – Have you wandered by your bathroom only to hear your toilet's bowl filling with water, even though you've never utilized it? If yes, then you probably encounter a problem commonly known by the term "phantom flush" when the filling mechanism in the bowl goes off and back on in a sporadic manner. 

The cause is most likely to be a small leak that is leaking between the tank and the bowl, resulting in the requirement for continuous topping offs. 

2. Infiltration of water into the tank A different issue that is frequently encountered is the sound of water sputtering emanating from the tank part that is located inside your toilet. The majority of the time, this is caused by a malfunctioning valve, float, or inlet tube valve assembly, and those are the first thing that needs to be looked at. 

3. Clogged Toilet Drain – Ah that old clog that is the bane of all homeowners. It's been discovered that clogs are the most frequent issue with the maintenance of the toilet. While removing the obstruction isn't always an easy task, however, there are various tools available to help. The most obvious tool would be the plunger.