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All About The Boys Rash Guard

Rashguards also referred to as rashies or swim shirts, guard your boy's body against scratches and rashes that could be caused by swimming. Rashguards also function as an ideal cover-up for the pool or beach which protects the child's body from damaging UV radiation. 

Keep sunscreen in by removing one hoodie by putting on the kids' long-sleeved Sun hoodie UPF 50 deep-sea navy. The moisture-wicking fabric is quick-drying and the hood helps keep his ears warm and hair dry. You can also grab more information about boys' rashguards via www.coegawear.com/collections/boys.

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It's hard to keep kids protected from sunburn. That's where our swimsuits are available. The boys' Rashguard is made to be light and quick drying. If you're looking to get the best protection at the beach, pool, and lake that your child is sure to love, look into the short-sleeve boys' with a graphic, UPF 50 swimwear rash guard. It's available in fun patterns such as a dinosaur skull or palm tree.

Wearing a rashguard means that he'll be safe not just when he's at the beach, but also from the sun's UV rays to avoid sunburns as well as excessive sun exposure. Choose a swimsuit with UPF 50 protection, which is the best possible level, to help you stay safe during sun-time. It's the best alternative to sunscreen that blocks 98 percent of harmful UV radiation.