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Advantages Of Center Pivot Systems

Center-pivot irrigation is a flexible pipe structure that revolves around a pivot point connected to water. Because of their high efficiency and high uniformity, as well as the ability to irrigate uneven terrain and low capital, maintenance, and management costs, center pivot irrigation systems are one of the most widely used sprinkler irrigation systems. 

Today there are hundreds of valley center pivots for sale available at Michigan Valley Irrigation to fulfill the watering needs of crops. Electrically powered tractor wheels move the systems through the field. Because the pivot travels further, sprinkler flow rates are higher towards the outer ends of the pivot. 

Center Pivots Radius Irrigation

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The pivot's end is where runoff rates are highest, so this is the primary design constraint. This chapter discusses the mainline design and center pivot pipeline, as well as selecting sprinklers and optimizing the design in terms of yield, energy requirements, components, and economics. For decades, center pivot machines have been used for irrigation. One of many types of mechanized irrigation systems, center pivots can increase yields and reduce water waste compared with flood irrigation.

Center pivots, as the name implies, irrigate in circular patterns around a central pivot point. Pivots can apply water, fertilizer, and chemicals as well as herbicides. This versatility allows irrigation practices to be more efficient by using one piece of machinery for multiple functions. The center pivot machines can be powered electrically using either a generator or a public source of power.

The Center Pivots system is far more efficient than irrigation by flooding. It's clear why Center Pivot irrigation is better than flooding.

  • Water and labor savings
  • Versatile
  • Efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Fully Automated
  • Even distribution of water