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Protect Your Business And Home Against Cyberattacks

Technology has advanced at such a rapid rate, that the threats to our way of life and businesses have increased dramatically with it. This article breaks down the various services you can use in order to protect your business and home from cyberattacks.

Your password is your digital key to your business or home, it needs to be safe and secure at all times. This will protect the people and things inside your network from unwanted access. Most accounts can only be accessed with a certain password in order to keep them secure. But this leaves you open to hackers if you do not protect that one password as well as you do all of your others.

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It is imperative that everyone within your organization uses unique passwords for every account they have access to on their computer or device. The best way to do this is by using different components of the same word, which makes it much more difficult for hackers to crack the code should they gain access to a noticeable piece of information such as an email or social media account.

You should also create a list of all saved usernames and passwords that are available within the devices you own, and avoid using those same usernames and passwords across multiple devices like computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.