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Benefits of a Microcurrent Facelift

The fastest-growing service in spa is the microcurrent facelift. This non-invasive, natural treatment is a great alternative to traditional facelifts. The microcurrent facial lift is highly sought-after because it causes no pain, has no downtime, and does not cause side effects. The cost is only a fraction of what you would pay for a traditional surgical facelift.

The client will look younger and healthier with this non-surgical, safe method to rejuvenate their skin. A microcurrent facelift can not only change the texture of your skin but also tone and lift your facial muscles. This technology can lift droopy eyebrows, tighten sagging cheeks, and even tighten the skin. Clients report seeing a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, sometimes even elimination. You can check out more about Microcurrent Facelift at https://www.northstarmedicalcenter.com/microcurrent-facial/.


A microcurrent facelift does not only improve muscle tone, but also has many other benefits. The microcurrent facelift improves circulation dramatically, which allows for rapid cell reproduction. Adenosine triphosphates, which are the energy of a cell, make up the majority of the human cell. The ATPs can be increased to 500% during a microcurrent facial lift. This means that there is more collagen and elastic production, and a healthier skin.

Microcurrent facial treatments can be done with two stainless steel wands, which are used to gently glide across the face. To achieve the best results, they must be positioned at precise points. Other machines have a two-tipped device that has cotton balls attached to each tip.