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Fleet Management: Managing Your Grey Fleet

A company gray fleet refers to a collection of employees' vehicles used for company business trips. Fleet management involves a collection of steps, procedures, and policies to manage and regulate the use of employees' vehicles for work-related travel.

Most of the companies that build this type of fleet are those whose employees don't need to travel a lot on business. You can buy Planet Halo HD Dash Cams With GPS, All-In-One Vehicle Dashboard Cameras, DVR, G-Force Sensors.

Gray Fleet is seen by most as an alternative to save on the cost of buying or renting a car just for company business trips, especially when employee mileage per month or year is very low. For some companies, this is the way to go, but for others, it is not. 

There are several factors to consider before opting for the gray fleet option over buying or renting multiple cars for a business trip. If set up and managed properly, gray fleets can cost the company a lot less than the other options.

Most people believe that managing a gray fleet only costs companies the cost of mileage requests from drivers for each trip and that employers are not responsible for employees when they use their private cars for business purposes. 

This is a big misunderstanding because in most cases the company is not only responsible for the employees when they use their private car, but in many cases, they have to put the employee's car under company insurance and manage it as it belongs to the company.