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Chin Implants for Facial Harmony

A chin implant can improve the appearance of your face. A more balanced appearance can be achieved by balancing prominent facial features. The procedure is quick and easy. It also has a short recovery time.

Chin augmentation in Toronto is one of the easiest and most rewarding procedures in plastic surgery. A chin augmentation can make a huge difference to your facial profile.

The chin, like the nose, is an important part of the neck and face silhouette. It also helps to form impressions about one's character. A proportionately defined chin, which is not too far from the rest of the face, reflects the strength and positive character traits. Contrariwise, a weak or recessed jaw can create the opposite impression.

The proportion of the chin to the rest depends on how it compares to the rest. The profile assessment is the only way to determine this. A straight line is drawn from the junction between the forehead and nose. The face should be straight and level. The location of the chin's most protruding point relative to the vertical line will determine whether or not chin augmentation is beneficial to one's facial profile. 

Chin augmentation in Toronto is recommended if the chin rests behind this line. The distance between the line and the chin determines how far it must be moved forward. This number determines the size and thickness of the chin implants.

There are very few complications from chin implants. Asymmetry in chin implants is the most common, but it can be avoided if the implant has been secured with a small screw during surgery. This is due to the possibility of the implant moving after surgery.

Chin enhancement in Toronto can be a simple and effective procedure that will improve facial proportions and balance.