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How To Get Bereavement Services In Singapore

There are a few places where you can find bereavement services in Singapore. This includes hospitals, psychiatric facilities, and social services. It is important to choose a service that will be able to provide the support you need. You can also find more info about the bereavement services in Singapore via visiting various online sources.


If you are experiencing bereavement in Singapore, there are a number of places you can turn to for support. Some bereavement resources are available through hospitals and clinics, while others are offered by social services and charities. Each has its own set of services and resources, so it’s important to do your research before seeking help. 

The following are some places where you can find information about bereavement services in Singapore: 

  1. The Online Bereavement Resource Center (OBRC) provides an online directory of bereavement support organizations and services in Singapore. The website also offers articles and resources on bereavement preparedness and grieving. 
  2. The Ministry of Social Affairs (MSO) has a website that lists all the registered social welfare organizations in Singapore. This website includes contact information for bereavement counselors and other bereavement support services. 
  3. The National Library Board (NLB) has a number of resources on grief and bereavement, including books, audio recordings, and databases of information about funerals and cremations. 
  4. The Red Cross Society of Singapore has an online search tool that allows you to find local chapters that provide bereavement support services. 

Bereavement services in Singapore are available from a number of different organizations and can vary in terms of price and duration. Some organizations offer a 24-hour hotline, while others have longer hours of operation. Some also offer walk-in services, while others require an appointment.