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Best Automation Tools For Mobile Application Testing

The automated testing tools are used to control the method of executing the tests and when the results of the tests come out, they will be compared to the predicted outcomes of the developers or the testers.

These factors all lead to the requirement for an efficient and complete automation tool that can be used to test the mobile app in a cost-effective way. 

A automation tester instruments that can integrate with the testing environment, provide full coverage, is simple to use and can run the same test on multiple devices and the mobile operating system needs real devices. 

Take a look at the test

This tool is a mobile device test automation tool that can be used to automate mobile application testing. It is available in many Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, NYSE, and Marvell. Click-Software and Cisco are some of them. 

This tool supports all methods of object identification and can identify the object using its image recognition, Native ID, and text recognition. 


This is an automated functional test tool by Gorilla Logic that can record any actions taken with an iPhone/iPad while they are in use. You can playback any test script at will and allow interactive creation of scripts. This tool is open-source, free, and compatible with all browsers. 


This tool is able to be used for testing i-OS or Android applications on smartphones, tablets, and real devices. It also allows you to record, run and customize test suites, and manage them. This tool is both simple and powerful.


Smart-Bear Software developed this automated testing tool, which allows developers to run software quality checks. You can either manually script the tests, create them manually using keyword operations or record them for automatic playback and error logging.