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How to Plan the Perfect Light Afternoon Tea in Dubai

Although many of us are not used to enjoying afternoon tea in Dubai, there seems to be a boom in the practice lately. When making light tea for your friend, there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind.

If you want to make light tea, you need to think about quality, not quantity. The idea is not to set up a seat later or even leave the house without a place to eat dinner. Instead, the purpose of drinking tea is to create a relaxed atmosphere and a bit of fun entertainment. You can also find the best afternoon tea deals in Dubai via https://finediner.co/afternoon-tea-dubai/

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You can serve it with a simple side dish with cream cheese, lemon curd, or maybe a combination of butter and honey. As for the number of loaves you should have, make sure there are at least two loaves for each guest, but no more than three.

Candy is also a great addition to afternoon tea in Dubai with a soft drink. Something like raspberry or lemon sticks goes well with tea, especially if you want to opt for an English tea. The candy should not be too sweet and should follow the small pattern of the bread.

Individual teapots for each of your guests allow everyone to have the type of tea they like. A small pot that offers room for three or more cups is usually sufficient. 

With soft drinks to a minimum, you'll find that cleansing doesn't take much time after drinking light tea. In fact, the whole project seems so easy that you can drink tea several times a year.