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What is Knowledge Based Authentication?

KBA is an abbreviation for "keyboard, mouse, and audio," which is a common setup for PC users. KBA unites three essential input devices on one platform so you can use one hand to type and control your cursor, while the other hand reaches up and clicks buttons.

This saves valuable screen real estate and makes it easier to work on multiple documents at the same time.

When you're using a knowledge based authentication KYC solutions setup, you'll usually find a keyboard, a mouse, and sometimes an audio interface all in one box.

This means that you don't have to worry about which cable goes where or whether you've got the right ports configured in your PC. Just plug everything in and you're ready to go.

The main benefit of using a KBA setup is that it maximizes your working space. You can move your cursor around more freely onscreen and access all of your tools without having to rearrange your entire work area. Plus, because all of these components are combined into one unit, it's easy to take your work with you when you leave the office or move between different machines.

How does KBA work?

KBA is a performance management system that helps organizations track and manage their work performance. KBA helps managers identify areas of improvement, assign tasks to employees based on their skills and expertise, and measure the results of their work.

By using data from performance reviews, surveys, and other sources, managers can identify trends in employee productivity and make necessary adjustments to improve efficiency. 

KBA is an essential tool for managing work performance and improving efficiency in organizations of all sizes. It provides managers with the information they need to assess employee skills and customize assignments according to individual strengths.

By monitoring employee progress and measuring results, KBA helps organizations achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently.