How to Commission a Custom Cremation Urn

When a loved one dies, there are many decisions to be made, often all at once. Does the first decision usually concern the location of the body – cremation or burial? More and more people today are choosing cremation for various reasons. Cremation urns, or funeral urns as they are often called, are available at funeral homes and online. There are thousands of styles and materials, but most are similar. Not only are they similar, but most of them are mass-produced and outsourced. You can also avail the benefits of Pulvis Art Urns – Handmade Art Urns for ashes & keepsakes.

Many consumers, especially baby boomers, are looking for something unique to remember a loved one. However, most consumers are unaware of the fact that there are companies that can help match artists with clients to work together on the design and manufacture of custom jars.

Collaboration between client and artist provides a wonderful opportunity to process the loss of a loved one. Artists who offer this type of work often have a list of preparatory questions to start a dialogue about the deceased. The first question is a practical and general question about the physical work to be made. This may include questions about the desired size of the urn, the colour used to make the urn, or whether the urn will be on display or buried.

During this part of the exchange, the client has the opportunity to reflect on the unique qualities of a loved one. This makes for a great treatment option and is therefore a healing exercise for grief.