Different Ways of Self-Publishing a Book

You've completed your book and you're looking to publish it! The first step for every aspiring author is to conquer the publishing hurdles and release your book to the world. In the old method, an author generally had two choices to publish their work:

1.) Send your manuscript to the publisher and wait for months for editors to read your manuscript. The majority of them will throw away your hard-earned money without ever even looking at it. If you're persistent they'll make an offer that is low.

2.) Employ a number of agents to assist you to get your book into the right hands. This isn't just an expensive option but it is not an assurance that you'll end on a big contract.

Numerous self-publishing companies as well as a multitude of tools have been able to overcome these obstacles, and assist self-publishers in publishing their books. You as an independent author can also avail of such tools via selfpublishingmadeeasynow.com to publish your book online.  With the growing number of self-publishers, it is now a very popular way to make your book available to the world. 

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Self-Publishing using Print on Demand


Print on Demand, also known as POD is the process by which you upload an electronic version or book self-publishing firms print the book on your behalf. The vendors typically publish your book for online sales, but some also offer your book to other publishers and retailers.

Print-on-demand benefits

  • No major upfront investment.
  • Easy and straightforward process to get a printed book.
  • Good quality print which almost feels like 'real' books, as most readers are unable to tell the difference between a POD book and an offset printed book.
  • A great marketing source that helps to sell your book worldwide.
  • Possibility of selling your book as a print edition at the major online retail outlets.
  • Plenty of POD vendors are available to help new writers get a physical copy of the book.

With an ever-growing number of self-publishers, this has proven to be a fantastic option to offer your work international exposure. This allows you to offer your book for sale at a lower cost, and also gives you more rights over the final work, and offers you the option of traditional methods of marketing. Whatever your reasons self-publishing makes your book available to everyone who is interested.