Are Explosion Protection Valves Appropriate Protective Equipment?

If preventive protective measures are not sufficient to reliably prevent ignition, constructive action must be developed. With a few exceptions, this requires the use of explosion-proof components to protect people and the system from damage or injury – whether the system is designed to withstand blast pressure, suppression devices are used or certain components release containers.

Valves with explosion protection flaps allow for optimal ignition protection. This product is ideal for dust-intensive processes and low-pressure requirements. If you want to hire an installer for explosion isolation flap valves in the UK, visit Coopatex.

Explosion-proof valves are a low-cost passive solution installed to stop the spread of deflagration flames at the top through the collector inlet. Inside the valve is a flap that rotates on a shaft, allowing it to open and close. When the process airflow is turned on, the valve reed opens.

This effectively prevents the explosion from spreading against the flow direction. Mechanical locking offers optimal protection. In this way, the valve guarantees absolute and reassuring safety with low maintenance costs.

The flap allows for a flexible and cost-effective design for installation in combination with eruption-relevant pressure relief systems. The valves are used exclusively for explosion-proof filters. The areas of application are sugar processing, food industry, instant beverage production, milk powder production, wood processing, and corn flour processing.